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  Tarot Reading  

How to get your reading...

For email and phone readings, you have two options:

Three card reading: $10.00

Ten card reading: $40.00

Simply click on the PayPal link and send your payment to , specifying the type of reading you want - 3 card or 10 card reading - and which style - email or phone reading - in the comment section along with your specific question for the reading, plus your email address or your phone number where you would like for me to call you to do your reading.

For a phone reading, please specify what time would be the most convenient for me to call.

For email readings, I will send you your very own personalized reading within 24 hours, complete with beautiful graphics of each card, descriptions and the meanings of your very own personalized reading in PDF format for you to keep to file and print out to have for a lifetime of enjoyment.

If you prefer to send a check via USPS and not use PayPal,
simply send an email to with the words


in the subject line and your reading question in the body of the email,
along with your phone number if it is a phone reading.
I will then send an email back to you with an address for you to send your payment to.
As soon as I receive your payment, I will email you within 24 hours of receipt of payment to either set up a time for me to call for your phone reading, or do your reading via email, also within 24 hours.


(Florida Area Code)

if you would like further information.

For an in-person reading, please call:


(Florida Area Code)

or send an email to

with your request and I will get back with you via email
or by phone if you provide a number to call.

Gift Certificates Available!

( ...for the person who has everything! )

  Communication with Spirit  

Have you had a loved one pass to the other side and wish to communicate with them?

I can help you to make the connection.

These are offered through phone, in person or pdf style report readings.

The fee is $60.00.

Please call:


(Florida Area Code)

for further details.

  Past Life Diamond Readings  

Past Life Readings are by far the most fascinating and satisfying of all the different types of readings that I offer, and are fast becoming the most popular! Hypnosis is not required for this exciting peek into your past life history! Utilizing the Past Life Diamond Spread ©, we look deeply into your past lives and make a connection with your past life experiences and what is going on with you today in this life. These types of readings offer a huge amount of clarity and closure for many people. The Past Life Diamond Spread © incorporates 10 cards that take you from the beginning of one life all the way through to the afterlife transition where, with the final card, there is a glimpse of the next life to come.

Past Life Diamond Readings © always utilize 10 cards.
Use the handy link below to order yours, or call


(Florida Area Code)

or send an email to:
for further information.

Past Life Diamond Reading: $40.00

  Dream Interpretation  

Ever have a strange dream and wonder what the heck it was all about? Then you rack your brain all day trying to figure it out, only to become more and more confused as the day wears on? Until finally, there you are again, laying in bed at the end of the day still perplexed and searching for meaning?

Search no more!

Let me help you find the answers to your dream world! With over 30 years of experience, I can help you navigate your Dreamscapes and assist you in finding meaning in the sometimes perplexing and oftentimes fascinating World of Dreams.

Order yours now by clicking on the handy link below.

In person, one hour session or pdf report!

Dream Interpretation: $20.00

After sending payment, please send off an email to:
with the specifics of your request,
or call me at


(Florida Area Code)

to schedule your appointment.


Sometimes one needs a little help
from Spirit to get something done.

That is where Conjure can help.

Using methods handed down from the Oldest Traditions,
a special items can be procured and fashioned in such a way
to be tailor made for your specific situation.

Prices range from $5 to $50 depending on the situation
and the items used.

These Include:
* Mojo Bags ~ Gris Gris *
* Powders ~ Oils ~ Bath Mixes *
* Candle Work ~ Spell Work ~ Divinations *

Please call for a Free consultation.

* (904) 829-8677 *
(Florida Area Code)

All paths honoured.

  Spatial Cleansing & Clearing  

Call it "spiritual house cleaning", Spatial Cleansing and Clearing is sometimes needed when the energy of an area seems "cloudy" or occupied by unwanted or negative energies. These energies run the gamut of types brought on by the history of the space, an event that has happened there, or a presence of spirits who do not wish to leave. All sorts of energy can permeate an area which includes, but is not limited to, violence, accidents, lawlessness, depressive states, secrets, greed and so forth.

When doing a Spatial Cleansing & Clearing, I come out to wherever it is that needs to be cleansed and listen to what is happening or not happening within the space. We will go together to assess if this service is warranted. There is no charge for a consultation, and I will travel up to a 30 mile radius surrounding the St. Augustine area free of charge. (I will travel farther with fuel compensation of .20 per mile.) Once it is established that the area has need of cleansing, I will smudge the area with an organic herb - typically sage, cedar, lavender or a combination of the the three - and use intuitive skills to seek out problem areas that need special attention and rid them of all unwanted energies. Once completed, your area or space will be cleared and the vibrational energies should feel fresh as rain. All supplies required to perform the cleansing are included in the fee at no extra charge. You can also order Spatial Cleansing supplies from Gypsy's Bazaar at very reasonable prices! Go check it out!

Cleansing & Clearing Fees:

Vehicle: $10:00

Apartment: $20.00

House or Dwelling: $30.00

Business Property: $40.00

Vacant Land or Building Site: $50.00

Extra Large Tracts of Land Over 3 Acres: $60.00

Payment rendered at time of service.
Please call:


(Florida Area Code)

for information and to set up an appointment.


Please feel free to contact me at any time concerning dream work and dream analysis, gem stones, aromatherapie, paranormal matters, spirit communication, negative energies, or any other intuitive matter. Consultations are always free and you will never be charged for asking questions or trying to get to the heart of any matter or trying to decide if you need any given service that I offer. Only after a real need is established will any appropriate fees be discussed. As always, consultations will be held in the strictest of confidences just as a doctor or a lawyer hold a Hippocratic oath to hold all professional discussions in private, so shall I do the same with whatever matter is of concern for you.

Call 904-829-8677

(Florida Area Code)

if you would like further information.

Please see the Code of Ethics page for further details.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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