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Messages from Spirit


What does Spirit have to say to you?

Have you ever wondered who in the world of Spirit is trying to talk to you or if they have anything to say?

Or, during trying times, wouldn't it be nice to hear some encouraging words from an angel, spirit guide or departed loved one?

Is there anyone out there who can impart some little nugget of wisdom or advice when it's needed most?

You no longer have to wonder. Let my Spirit Guides and I help you to connect with your very own Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones in Spirit.

It's easy!

Just send a payment through the PayPal link below and soon you will receive your very own unique and personal message from Spirit channeled just for you. Your special message will come to you in your choice of phone message or pdf report. The choice is yours.

Simply indicate by sending an email to

after payment what method you prefer - phone or pdf report - that you wish to receive and include either your phone number for phone message or the email where you would like to have your pdf style report to be sent. You will then receive your very own special channeled message from Spirit quickly and professionally.

Or call:   


(Florida Area Code)

for further information.

  Satisfaction guaranteed!  


Mediumship Readings

Is there someone who has passed to the Other Side
that you wish to contact?

I can help you make that connection.

Let me help you find the information, healing and the closure you need.

Mediumship Readings are offered through phone,
in person or pdf style report readings.


Or call:


(Florida Area Code)

for further details.

* Consultations are always free. *

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