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David Wilcock is one of the most inspirational human beings I have ever seen! He has literally pulled the lid off of information that we have been living with for many, many years. the sheer determination and dedication to the truth of what is fact and what is fabrication i awe inspiring. Imagine my delight when I not only discovered Gaia TV, but that he was a featured contributor to that wonderful streaming channel! I highly recommend both. Thinking about what I can say about David to give you an idea of what this man is all about leaves me speechless...there is no simple way to sum up what he has done, is doing, knows and is revealing through books and streaming media. I guess the best words that come to mind immediately are...truth...disclosure...ascension...light. His books are phenomenal. Make sure to head on over to Amazon to check them out...

The Synchronicity Key

The Source Field Investigations

We love you, David! Keep up the brave work for all of mankind!

*John J. Harper *

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Near Death Research

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I just love the way this man thinks and writes! He writes the way I think and it is so refreshing in a writer these days! Not only does he write in a comfortable style, but he is making so much sense in a time in our lives when we need to have some sense introduced to it, mainly the coming of the new age, NDE research, ancient and modern shamanism and a more forward and progressive way of looking at how things work in our world, and I don't mean the comfortable norm. John is a breath of fresh air in a very stagnant and stinky world. The fact that someone actually gets it in the person of John Jay Harper gives me such hope lately! I cannot begin to describe his work - you just have to go out there and get his latest book:

Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

The fact that someone finally understands what's going on where the 2012 enigma is concerned really does give me some hope for mankind.

Thank you, John...for helping to restore my faith in humanity!

It is with great sadness and joy that I relate to you, my reader, that John has passed on to the Other Side last December, 2010. He was - and still is! - such a grand inspiration to me through the years that I knew him through many conversations through FaceBook, email, and on the interwebz. On occasion I have seen signs of him watching down on us from the beyond, loving us and smiling, knowing he was on the right track. This has given me great faith and validation regarding our journey to the Source and a Higher Existence. Missed but never forgotten...

Nicki Scully

* Nicki Scully *

Shamanic Journeys

Hathor's Mirror

Becoming an Oracle


Nicki Scully is a truly remarkable person in so many ways. When I first came upon her work, I was just starting to really begin my Shamanic studies in earnest, and my path abruptly landed at her door. As I am drawn to cards and decks, her Shamanic Tarot deck is what really caught my eye at first. I purchased a deck along with the accompanying book and it didn't take long to realize that she was a person of like mind. Even though I have not been able to attend one of her wonderful Egyptian retreats, I would like to one day. But from what I have heard, they are wonderful things to behold and full of learning and surprises. Her books are really good and I have learned so much from them - I highly recommend anything written by her hand. She has a beautiful web page and a gentle knowing presence all across the internet. I especially love the layout and graphics of her pages, and the references to Hathor throughout. Hathor holds a very special place for me, and it leads me to believe that the two of us have a lot in common. But, where Hathor is concerned, I have a strong feeling that all females of the Earth hold a part of Hathor within them. It's very refreshing to see that Nicki is willing to show this in a very gentle yet forthright way.

Mashkoora, Nicki!

Lee Carroll

* Lee Carroll *


Lee Carroll ~ Biography

Kryon at the United Nations

Indigo Children!


I discovered Kryon and their channel, Lee Carroll, quite by accident (as has happened with me more often than not!) when my sister-in-law gave me a very special and unique book for my birthday called "The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 & Beyond" edited by Martine Vallee. This turned out to be one of the best books I have read in a very long time! I felt a real connection with the subject material and felt that each person featured in this book deserved much more attention from myself in the way of discovery...most of all Kryon and Lee Carroll.

After diving into the Kryon material and making myself familiar with Lee's wonderful web site, I find my life has taken on a unique richness and I feel would not have discovered had it not been for Lee's sharing of special information for human kind and the planet. I highly recommend this information. Read it. Digest it. See what you think.

Lee has also brought to light the Indigo Children and has written 3 books about how our children are born different and special and will change the world as we know it! If you feel different from others or notice your kids have a special light shining within them that is hard to describe, then you owe it to yourself to check into this information. I promise that you will be amazed!

Thank you Lee and Kryon! You are a gift to the world...

Colette Baron-Reid

* Colette Baron-Reid *

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I discovered Colette's work while cruising around Her work was recommended as being similar to Nicki Scully. She got high ratings from every reviewer and so I decided to see what she was all about. I was not disappointed!

Her book "Remembering the Future" turned out to be such a wonderful work and I found myself feeling a connection while noticing parallels in how our two lives have played out so far. She is definitely a kindred spirit! Since then, I have picked up her tarot deck, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards and everything else she has written and created, including her music, which is wonderful! This is one talented lady! Be sure to check out her works, which i recommend to everyone - especially younger people who are having a hard time with their intuitive gifts.

Colette, you are a true warrior of the Light! Many blessings to you!

Patricia Cori

* Patricia Cori *

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Sirian Revelations

Patricia @ Facebook

Patricia Cori is also featured in the exceptional book "The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 & Beyond" and so I became familiar with her at the same time I had discovered the Kryon material. (I cannot stress too much how awesome this book is!) Her channeling and messages from the Sirian Council are a true inspiration. These insights have definitely opened my mind to greater and higher possibilities, not only for myself personally, but it surely gives me hope for the whole of humanity. Please check her out! are such an inspiration! Thank you!

Tom Kenyon

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Holographic Sound Healing


Tom and the Hathors are an amazing phenomenon that fascinates me more than anyone can ever know. Tom heals through sound and his gifts are truly amazing! I connect with his message and that of the Hathors on account of the ties to the Ancients. Tom and his channellings are also featured in and the message is crystal clear: there is a new world coming!

Please click on the links above or GO HERE to find out much more about this amazing message! You won't be sorry!

Thank you, Tom! You are the cap stone of the Great Pyramid, my friend!

Dr. Douglass A. White, Ph.D

* Douglass A. White Ph.D.

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Thoth, the High Priest

From  "The Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot Oracle Deck uses the historical tarot structure to build a unique deck of wholly Ancient Egyptian deities, icons, and symbology. The regular 78 cards are titled in Chinese and English, and there is one extra card that sums up the trumps.

By Douglas A. White, PhD & Amy Hsiao

Tarot Deck - 79 Cards - Published by Delta Point Press 2006

Review by Solandia

In author Douglass A. White's first Tarot deck, the Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot, he has linked the Tarot with the oracles of the Ancient Egyptians, in particular the Game of Senet. This game was played on a game board of thirty squares, each representing a deity, “like a portable temple” and the movement of the pieces “represented the progress of a person through life and the lessons to be learned along the way”.

According to Douglass, the game was played with backgammon-like rules, but also used for consulting the gods before making major decisions. “Although we don't find decks of ‘Tarot cards’, the tableaus from The Book of the Dead and the many surviving engraved seals attest that the Egyptians indeed painted cards on papyrus with pictures of the gods and major amulets on them.”

The tarot deck, variously called the Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot, The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt or the Senet Tarot Oracle Deck, is based upon (and can be used as) a traditional Tarot deck. It has 78 cards (plus one) illustrated by artist Amy Hsiao, that correspond to the traditional Tarot structure, but the symbols and imagery of medieval Europe have been wholly replaced by that of Ancient Egypt.

Each of the 22 trumps has an image of an Egyptian god or goddess, their name printed in hieroglyphics, and the title of the card in English and Chinese characters. The extra card, the ‘Luxor Men-Mut Tableau Card’, stands for all of the trumps. Its image is a tableau from a wall carving in a temple at Luxor which pictures the deities and amulets from all the trumps.

Continuing the Ancient Egyptian iconology, the forty numbered suit cards are not European-style pips, or scenes deriving from the Rider-Waite-Smith model. Instead, there are four Ancient Egyptian symbols that represent the four elements of suits, and show a different Ancient Egyptian ‘talisman' – an amulet or icon – for each numbered card. The suits are:

Lotus Flower ~ Seshen ~ Cups – Hearts

Town Seal ~ Nut ~ Coins ~ Diamonds

Fire Stick ~ Ja ~ Wands ~ Clubs

Feather of Truth ~ Shu-t ~ Swords ~ Spades

The sixteen court cards have different names to “represent aspects of an individual's spiritual nature rather than social ranks from Medieval European feudal society”. The kings are here the ‘Four Kings of the Elements’, the queens are The Four Senses, and the remaining eight that would be pages and knights are here the Eight Energy Bodies or Souls (or chakras) - Khaibit, Ba, Ren, Ab, Sekhem, Ka, Khat, and Aakhu. “The Egyptians believed that an individual is composed of a cooperative team of energies, so that it is actually composed of eight bodies combined into one.”

The quality of the card stock is good; strong and yet still flexible. The faces of the cards have brown-red borders surrounding the central image of a papyrus background overlaid with symbols in strong flat colour with a black outline. The reversible backs have a spattered gold design on blue, with a star in the top left and bottom right ad a kind of swirling design in the centre.

There are both English language and Chinese language editions of the Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot deck, and I reviewed the English version. The Chinese language version includes a 219-page book and a Senet Oracle game board, while the English version is available only with a stapled 64-page booklet called the “Pocket Guide to the Senet Tarot Oracle Deck”.

The booklet begins with a nice logical introduction that explains the specifics of the changes made to the familiar tarot structure to suit the Ancient Egyptian theme. The meanings of the 22 trump cards which follow, begins with The Sun. Like the rest of the trumps, the booklet lists a few keywords, the pictured Egyptian god, the linked Hebrew letter, organ of body, and (astrological) sign. The minors are similar, with the Egyptian name, the card title, and keywords.

The second half of the booklet is used to explain The Oracle Game Board, the Senet Oracle game on which this Tarot deck is based. It outlines The Oracle Board Layout, Oracle Topics for Divination, Consulting the Senet Oracle, Rules for the Game of Senet, and Additional Rules, followed by reference materials used in the making of the deck.

The Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot takes the historical tarot structure and replaces the conventional European symbols with the symbology and iconology of Ancient Egypt. It's an interesting deck for Egyptophiles or Tarot collectors."

* * * * * * * * *

I have always felt and truly believe that there is an older, more ancient source for the Tarot. Some folks like to follow the pack and agree with the notion that the Italians "invented" the Tarot. I don't believe this to be the case. Over the years I have been studying the archetypes, the history of paper, and consequently the history of games, gaming and other things interrelated to all these subjects and how they tie in together with the Tarot. I believe that, as the archetypal images link us all together as human beings, the expression of these ancient symbols of who and what we are have been needed to be expressed through art and idea down through the ages of man. I also believe, as C.G. Jung believes, that there is a collective sub-and-un-consciousness that unites our ideas and minds in a very sophisticated and yet primitive way. So far, I have been one of a very few that have shared this view of the Tarot as being an old divination tool - far older than the recent 13-14th century...

That is...until I came across Douglass A. White!

I hope you find it as fascinating, interesting and mind opening as I have! Upon reading Douglass' work, I have finally felt as if I have discovered a kindred spirit! inspire me! Thank you for putting up with me!

Edgar Cayce

* Edgar Cayce *



The Sleeping Prophet


It would be extremely correct to say that Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, is the one person to pique my interest in most things paranormal. Where do I begin explaining what a profound influence Mr. Cayce has had on advancement of the metaphysical culture here in the United States and beyond to the rest of the world?

An extraordinary human being in his own right, made even more so due to the era of which he was born. Coming from a large family, he was taken care of and protected as a young boy. When he got older and cane down with a seemingly incurable form of laryngitis, it was only after trying everything to rid him of his malady did they decide to use hypnosis as a last resort. What they discovered as a result was incredible! Not only could he speak clearly while under hypnosis, he diagnosed his own condition and offered a cure as well! And so became the beginning of his new life as "The Sleeping Prophet."

He never took payment for using his gift to help others. Unfortunately, many greedy people took advantage of this fact and of Mr. Cayce's good nature. Finally, after great risk to his own health, he quit giving readings for a few years. It was only after agreeing that only would his wife assist him with the readings did he relent and begin to help others again through his great gift of channeling and prophecy. As time went on and his fame grew, he went from doing two readings per day to well over seven plus per day. This quickly wore the man out and depleted his health and in 1945 he passed away into the world of spirit.

There are many excellent books out there written about Edgar Cayce, and many, many web sites on the web to peruse at any time of the day or night. Just Google his name and you could spend days reading about this extraordinary human being! For anyone just discovering their psychic interests I highly recommend starting with Edgar Cayce. His life and times are an excellent starting point. His entrance at this particular time in history is, in my opinion, highly significant. In light of what was happening at the time and all that the world was going through - from the dawning of the industrial age to this present day - his readings are, and will be, and forever relevant. Even though I was born way after this dear man passed on to the world of spirit, I will always be grateful that others have preserved his readings and written extensively about this remarkable man.

His honesty and lack of any type of opportunistic attitude is still refreshing. The phenomena that is Edgar Cayce will never fade for the many of us who are following their spiritual path. He gave his life to help others and what is so wonderful is that he is still helping after all these years.

God Bless You, Edgar Cayce!

Carla Rueckert

* Carla Rueckert *

July 16, 1943 ~ April 1, 2015

Carla's Blog

L/L Research

The Law of One ~ Ra Material

Sons of the Law of One


The next step in my journey brought me to The Ra Material. I looked into the books in my search and study of the Tarot. Book IV has invaluable information about the archetypes and finding channeled material about the Tarot alone is amazing in and of itself! As I explored deeper into the books, I began to wonder about the amazing woman who was the instrument of this phenomenal working! Enter Carla Rueckert!

Even though I had been experiencing an awakening spiritually, the concept and info set forth in The Ra material really resonated with the things I had been experiencing over the last few years. The concept of archetypes was so intriguing, and to find alternate information outside of and in addition to Carl Jung was to me like hitting pay dirt! What was amazing about Carla's contact with Ra was her stamina and dedication to the message. Carla is a special person with a very unique talent. What is amazing is that she didn't stop with the Ra Material, but went on to channel many more works and write some fascinating things about subjects even the strong are afraid to write about! My favourite of her works so far (besides her wonderful blog!) is "The Secrets of the UFO." It sheds so much light on not just the UFO experience, but everything paranormal.

What I found most important about Carla's work is her sincerity and the longevity of her life-long quest for knowledge and truth. Her web site and blog are nothing short of amazing! I urge all who are interested in hearing more clearly their inner voices to check out Carla and all that she has done over the years. She is a true inspiration!

From The Cosmic Lighthouse: "Carla Lisbeth Rueckert was born on July 16, 1943 in Lake Forest, IL. She attended the University of Louisville, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature in 1966. This was followed by a Master’s degree in Library Arts from Spalding College in 1971. Carla worked as a librarian for The Kentucky Home School until she was hired by Don Elkins to do paranormal research. They formally created L/L Research in 1970. Elkins and she wrote Secrets of the UFO and The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater together. Carla’s other books include A Channeling Handbook and A Wanderer's Handbook. Carla has served as a vocal channel since 1974 and was the instrument for the five The Law of One books. Carla continues to channel and offers personal counseling and channeling sessions. She presently lives in Anchorage, KY, with her husband, Jim, their research associate, Gary L. Bean, and their three cats."

Carla, you are the Light shining in the darkness! Thank you so much!

Jane Roberts

* Jane Roberts *

May 8, 1929 – September 5, 1984

The Seth Center

The Seth Learning Center


While at a yard sale years ago, I came across some very interesting books written by a woman named Jane Roberts. They were very inexpensive and, being a book hound, I couldn't resist and so picked them up even though i didn't know anything about the subject or the author, but couldn't pass up the deal. Something just told me to get them. Little did I know how much of an impact these writings would have on my life and spiritual development.

Between the written word and the later released clips available on You Tube, the Seth Material is compelling to say the least. The reading is better than good, but to see Jane bring forth Seth is a true experience to behold. The nuances and personality differences are quite striking. If the books fail to convince, then the movie clips will surely clinch it for anyone interested in the phenomena of channelling.

I still like to surf the web and the local book stores for anything I can wrap my brain around concerning Jane Roberts, her life and her amazing abilities. Like Edgar Cayce, her emergence at the certain period within our history is more than just a passing coincidence. And, like the Ra Material, the messages are timely and to be paid attention to, especially with the coming era and the changes awaiting just on the horizon. The message never grows old, just more relevant to my line of thinking.

Jane, you forever inspire...

Chip Coffey

* Chip Coffey *

Chip Coffey Official Home Page

Paranormal State

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal


From Chip's Press Page: "Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, lecturer and writer. He is the great-grandson of famed Native American medicine woman Minnie Sue Morrow Foster. (He is also distantly related to General Robert E. Lee and Thomas Coffey, an actor who performed with Edwin and John Wilkes Booth.)

Chip was born in Upstate New York, spent much of his childhood in South Carolina, and now resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

His psychic abilities manifested themselves when he was a young child and, after successful careers in counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management, he began working full-time as a psychic and medium in late 2001. Since that time, he has conducted over 10,000 readings for clients all around the world.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution called Chip "every bit as accurate as John Edward" and InStyle magazine said "Chip Coffey is a cross between John Edward and Dr. Phil...a psychic who doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is." Fate and Fortune, a European magazine, featured an article about Chip's visit to the ruins of the World Trade Center with the widow of a man who died there on 9-11.

Chip is featured on twenty-eight episodes of the A&E Network series, Paranormal State. The series revolves around members of Penn State University's Paranormal Research Society, a group of young investigators.

He also co-hosted Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, a one hour documentary, followed by a six episode mini-series, that aired on both A&E and Biography.

Chip appeared on the popular television show, Airline, along with his good friend and colleague, Patti Starr. The ghost hunting duo was followed by a film crew as they investigated Sloss Furnaces, a haunted iron mill in Birmingham, Alabama. Chip and Patti also travel to colleges and universities throughout the United States, presenting a program of ghostly photos, videos and audio recordings captured during their many investigations together.

Articles that Chip has written have appeared in regional and national publications. Haunted Times magazine featured an article written by Chip as the cover story of its Winter, 2007 issue.

Chip volunteers with several hospice organizations, including Hospice Atlanta and The Twilight Brigade/Compassion in Action. A firm believer in God and His Angels, Chip believes that miracles, great and small, happen each and every day.

I first discovered Chip on the A&E show Paranormal States, where he does guest spots and comes in and helps that group connect with energies that emerge when they do their case studies. Soon afterwards I started watching him on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, as I was noticing that a certain young person in my life seemed to have an interest in such things. His work is nothing less than awe inspiring. His manner and genuineness touches me like no other has. I admire this man and his work greatly - be it his work with those troubles by unexplained happenings in their lives and homes to his work with children and animals to his talks and travels around the country and beyond - he is a gift for our age. never cease to amaze & inspire! Thank you!

Allison Dubois

* Allison Dubois *

Allison Dubois Official Web Page

Allison @ UFO Digest

The Real Allison Dubois!

Medium @ CBS


In the winter of 2005 my mother took ill with cancer. My sister-in-law Betty opened up her home to me as lodging for my twice monthly visits from Los Angeles to the rural Michigan nursing home where my Mom was preparing for her journey to the next life. Days were spent keeping her company and helping to keep her happy and as comfortable as could be expected. Evenings, however, were spent at Betty's in her comforting company watching tv and trying to have some sort of normalcy in the day to day journey that is terminal cancer for a loved one.

Medium, the tv show came on and that was all she wrote - it was one of the most amazing shows I had ever seen! What with everything I was going through with my Mom, I thought the real Allison Dubois might be able to help me through it in one piece.

Suddenly I was seeing her all over the place - on the news, in television interviews and making appearances all across the nation. She was promoting a her new book, and so I picked it up. What a boost this gave me. The book (and her subsequent publications) really helped to remind me about all things spiritual. It helped me to help my Mom on her crossing over.

I recommend Allison Dubois' books for anyone wanting to know more about the afterlife and what it means to have the special gifts that she has.

Thank you, Allison, for helping me help my Mom pass over...

Lisa Williams

* Lisa Williams *

On Lifetime!

Lisa Williams Home Page


When I stumbled upon Lisa's TV show, Life Among the Dead, I was at first curious and soon became awed by the talent and sincerity of this remarkable medium! She spoke to me as an all-round average person with outstanding abilities. As I began to faithfully watch her show, the more I found resonated and mirrored my life.

I heard she had a book out and picked it up hoping to learn more about this special psychic and I wasn't disappointed. The book sheds light on her personal grace and style, giving the reader a peek at the normal woman with the amazing ability to communicate with the dead. The format of her book is nice and I like her writing style. The sprinkling of personal photos and personal information brings Lisa into a more intimate light. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Lisa and I have a few things in common, like we have a birthday only one day apart and that we both have had the same luck with the opposite gender; she shares with me a love of animals and kids; we both have lived in Los Angeles...all these things bring her close and larger than life.

Her show is amazing! She shares her day: from the early morning moments with her beautiful family, through her working day giving readings and touching lives, to her final field trip readings to all points far and wide around the Los Angeles area, and then finally at the end of the day when she strolls back into her house where she hangs up her spirit-reflecting hat, she opens up her life to us with nothing to hide. As a viewer I feel at ease and privilege to have her share her life with us.

What has endeared me to Lisa is her positive energy and genuine demeanor. She is just an all-round regular gal with very unique abilities and a fresh honesty and likeability. The way she tunes into people and has an empathy is touching, plus her her ability top more or less channel the personalities of those in spirit is extraordinary. ROCK!

John Edward

* John Edward *

The Official John Edward Site

John's Page @

Skeptics -> Read This...


I discovered John Edward quite by accident one day as I was cruising the cable channels looking for something interesting to watch. There he was on WE channel on Saturday evening. Not 15 minutes into the show I knew I was looking at the real deal. I am very impressed with John's abilities. I have found his guided meditation CDs on psychic development to be very helpful and recommend them to anyone who is seriously trying to further their journey along the spiritual pathways. I like his no-nonsense approach and down to earth philosophy when looking at all things spiritual - from advancing one's own psychic talents and awareness to sorting out the pro's and the con's of the abundant people out there who claim to be "psychic." John keeps things on course and in perspective.

The fact that he used the Tarot as a tool is endearing to me. In my own experience, I found the Tarot at a very young age just as he had done. His revelations about starting out as a card reader do hit very close to home. His adventures through life parallel my own experiences somewhat and liken him to a kindred spirit in a lot of ways and has taught me much about how to make my way through a secular world without having to re-invent the wheel, as it were. The Tarot connection is endearing and heartening both at the same time.

I respect John for his honesty, his unique abilities and for his helping to expand spiritual awareness within the global community.

Thank you, John, for meeting us at the crossroads!

Denise Root Psychic Medium

* Denise Root *

Denise Root ~ Psychic Medium


I met Denise a few years back at the local Spirit Faire that is sponsored by Subtle Energies a few years ago. I was drawn so strongly to her light and energy! I just had to have a reading done by her.

I could tell by the line and the wait that she was a very popular reader at the Faire! When I sat down we connected right away. I was hoping to connect with passed love ones - you know, the close ones...Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandmother. And in this regard she did not disappoint. But it was the others that came through...the ones that had touched my life in such random ways and from a long ago time...that really left me in a state of wonder!

Denise has a very special talent and I feel so grateful that she resides in my state of residence! Michigan is very dry where the genuine Spiritual path is concerned and having Denise close by is a comfort. She is a gentle and genuine being who will touch your life and help you connect in so many wonderfully positive ways! are a Gift from God!

June Austin

* June Austin *

June's Official Web Page

June's Blog


One cannot put together a page like this without mentioning all of one's most cherished friends. This friend to me would be June Austin.

I met June on a writers forum about four years ago. She was such an inspiration to me there as she is a self published author of some very great accomplishment. I have been working on a couple of manuscripts off and on for about as man years, and when I came upon the writer's blog, her kind words of wisdom have and do carry me through the hot and dry spells. June has made me a believer of the school of thought that if you write it they will read! I don't know how I could have come this far without her friendship.

Her book, "Genesis of Man", really has made a difference in the path I have taken and the way I have led my life ever since I read it right after it was published. June's writing style and her intensive research sent me off in directions I would have never taken had I not bought her book and read it. I would have never found her book had I not been trying to write my own book, and i would not have been on the forum where I found her had I not been working on my own manuscript. Lisa Williams says "there are no coincidences!" She is so right in that!

Though I have not spoken with June in quite a while, I still follow her antics and adventures through her beautiful web site and blog. Please pay her a visit and tell her I sent you! You won't be sorry! are an angel! Thank you!

Loreena McKennitt

* Loreena McKennitt *

Quinlan Road ~ Loreena's Official Web Page

 When I lived up in the Grand Rapids area back in the late '80's, I used to love to wile away the hours in an out-of-the-way used book store up on Leonard Street. One afternoon, I was deep in discovery of old and unusual books, when a voice filtered through my concentration...a lilting voice accompanied by Celtic harp, penny whistle, bagpipes and violins. Who is this...? I heard myself whisper as I made my way to the front of the store to ask the store clerk about this wonderful music I was hearing. "Oh, that's Loreena McKennitt," he said matter-of-factly. I was in awe. I asked him to write down the name of the CD that he was playing and headed straight away to the local CD shop to grab up everything I could get my hands on by this remarkable artist. And this was just the beginning...

I have been a tremendous fan ever since. I listen to Loreena's wonderful music all the time and I find that her direction over the years has been a journey that I feel I have made with her. Its subtle shifts and gentle journeys across ancient times and lands have carried me along as if in a timeless caravan. From extreme Celtic to flavours to the spice of the Middle East, her music has touched me in ways I simply cannot put into words. But I felt I needed to mention her here among the other people who have made an impact upon my life in one way or another. There is not a day that goes by that I do not listen to her music.

Or to put it another way: A day without Loreena is a day without Sunshine.

Thank you so much, Loreena, for being my daily inspiration!

Zecharia Sitchin

* Zecharia Sitchin *

Zehcaria's Official Web Page

World Mysteries ~ Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia @ Crystalinks!

Streaming Zecharia!

 I have to add Zecharia Sitchin to my list of influences from over the years and along my spiritual path. This man is nothing short of amazing! he has made me to think of all things outside of the box!

I had never even heard of Mr. Sitchin until I read June Austin's book Genesis of Man. It was within those pages that she talked about some of Mr. Sitchin's thoughts and theories on the first stirrings of mankind's beginnings. I was amazed and enlightened...not really about what he had discovered so much as how he was able to spend a lifetime studying and gathering this massive amount of information and then writing the books to put it out there for you and me and everyone to absorb and think about just where we all came from. be he right or wrong, in my humble opinion, is not the point. Thinking outside of the box and exploring new ideas and not having our lives and brains pigeon-holed into one set doctrinal way of thinking...not THAT was worth all the treasure in the world to me.

I have read nearly all of his books and find them extremely fascinating! I recommend them to anyone who loves extremely ancient history and has an open mind to other ideas. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! never cease to amaze me!

Shannon Dorey

* Shannon Dorey *

Shannon Dorey's Official Web Page

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 I guess one would have to say that my spiritual journey would not have gone too far without the amazing works of Ms. Shannon Dorey! Again, thanks to June Austin, my path branched out from her writing and sent me searching for Shannon's writings...on a little tribe in Mali known as the Dogon.

If someone would have walked up to me even as recent as 10 years back and said that an obscure African tribe would have such a profound effect on my life, I would have chuckled. But this girl is not chuckling...she is beaming...with new-found knowledge of what and where our species and civilization came from...or the possibilities, anyways. ;)

It all began when working on my manuscript. I was wading into uncharted territory...or so I thought. I was finding that I needed to know more about the origins of man before I could continue with my writing. Much more research had to be done. And so it goes I found June Austin who led me to Zecharia Sitchin who led me to Shannon Dorey. All have had a profound influence on the way I think and view our beautiful little green and blue planet.

Shannon's books are compelling and hard to put down! They are treasured jewels in my ever-growing library. If I could only keep two books out of the hundreds there, her two would be the ones that would stay. Hands down. So find a copy and start reading! You will never believe what you have been missing!

Thank you, Shannon! Your books are spectacular!

Robert M. Place

* Robert M. Place *

The Alchemical Egg

Books by Robert M. Place

Tarot by Robert M. Place

 Robert M. Place is an internationally known visionary artist and illustrator. He is the designer, illustrator, and co-author, with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, of: The Alchemical Tarot and The Angels Tarot. He is the designer, illustrator, and author of The Tarot of the Saints, and The Buddha Tarot, which are published by Llewellyn. He has recently finished his fifth book, The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination. In its review, Book list said that The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination "may be the best book ever written on that deck of cards decorated with mysterious images called the tarot." His latest Tarot deck and book set is The Vampire Tarot, which is being published by St. Martins Press.

I became aware of Bob and his books and decks a few years ago while searching for good books to study about the Tarot. His works are the best I have ever come across! I have read many, many MANY books on Tarot and he is the man to turn to when looking for REAL reliable information about the cards. Though he is not considered a formal "psychic," I truly believe that one has to have the sensitivities of one to do any work on Tarot sincere justice. Bob is the expert to turn to when following the sincere path of the Tarot." are a blessing to the word of Tarot! Thank you!

John Holland

* John Holland *

John Holland ~ Official Web Page

 It is through following John Edward and Lisa Williams that I was made aware of John Holland. Thought I am still a young fan of John's, I am just getting to know of his extra-ordinary abilities.

He has authored a very impressive Tarot deck called The Psychic Tarot. I purchased the deck after reading that Lisa Williams highly recommended it as a way for path working and developing psychic abilities. I was surely not disappointed and find this deck a wonderful tool with which to work! I recommend it highly to anyone who favours working with the cards on a personal level.

Stay tuned to this spot for an update soon for John Holland as I learn more about this very special man.

Thank you, John, for a beautiful Tarot deck!

 Preceding are a few people who have had a profound influence in my life's journey. They are in no way listed in order of importance, but rather in the order of discovery along a path that became lighted by their radiance. I hope you, too, will find their contributions as enlightening as I have!

 * Please watch this page for updates & additions as my search is constant & ongoing where metaphysics, the paranormal & the gifted are concerned. Please feel free to email me with ideas, insights & opinions! *

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