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How many times have you awaken from sleep and right away a dream so vivid it feels as if it was real and is at the forefront of your thoughts? You think about it for a minute, maybe two and then begin to go about your day, only you find that you have something following you around...the dream.

Then soon you begin to ask yourself...why can't I shake this crazy dream?

At this point some may try to look for meaning between the covers of a book or hit the web searching for the answers to the mystery behind the nocturnal dreamscape. And while at first the search is intriguing or even fun and possibly amusing, after a while you get the feeling that there is more to the vision than what can be found through the casual source. What you finally end up with is more questions than answers and easily more frustration, when all you really want to know is... there a message? What does this really mean?

Intuitive dream interpretation may be able to give you the answers.

Through years of dream work, I can help you sort out and find the meaning behind your resting visions and dreams. By working together, we can make the connections, find meaning and even discover the hidden messages that are embedded within your dreams, be they premonitions, spirit or guide communications, past life flashes, answers to your everyday questions, common stress or simply getting to the reason for the dreams in the first place. By using clairvoyant and intuitive skills, coupled with a life-long experience with dream related studies, I can help you find the answers to those elusive and mysterious dreamscapes.

Dreamwork sessions last one half hour.

  Dream Interpretation  

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