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* Infinite Visions Tarot ~ A Journey Down the Royal Road *

by Gloria Jean

December 2009 ~ Limited Edition

When i first stumbled upon Gloria Jean's website, I couldn't believe my good fortune! It wasn't amazing enough how unique and utterly beautiful this Tarot deck was that I was casting my eyes upon, but it had some other key features right off the bat: 1.) it was available, 2.) it was affordable, and 3.) it was hand made by the artist herself! Talk about a whole new spin on "self publishing"! I thought to myself "...this lady has kahonas"! Turns out she does at that, and a whole lot more!

What Gloria Jean has done with this deck is nothing short of amazing in that it has 80 cards instead of the traditional 78. She has added two new players to the archetypal gallery: The Dark Priestess and the Dark Magician. Genius, I say!

What she has done is fashion the works of all the old masters and put them into a Tarot deck of extreme beauty and functionality. It can be used and appreciated by both the novice and the professional, and is very readable. Right away as you gaze upon the images, you can feel the wheels and the cogs in your brain start to stir and soon they are whirling with the impressions and messages that they were born to convey. And, I don't know about you, but some of the modern decks these days have left me more than a little cold. It seems like just anybody can throw a deck out there willy nilly without a whole lot of thought put into it, and just flood the market with the most crazy theme decks ("Eat Poo" and "Alcohol Tarot" anyone?). This deck is an exception to every rule out there - in that it is absolutely stunning.

It comes in two sizes: The original deck, which was designed for smaller hands at 2.5" X 4" and the new addition, in a larger and more traditional (professional) size at 2.75" X 4.5. You can also order the deck in sheets in the smaller size which you can cut out yourself which is a bit lower in price, and this is the way I chose to go. I was not disappointed, either. It was very easy to cut them out without mistakes (I suggest that you do a few practice cuts on a scrap piece of paper first just to get the hang of it and use some large sharp sewing sheers for the job). I had fun cutting them out and felt a part of her unique process after all was said and done. I like the smaller size as my hands are smaller, and find them very easy to handle and shuffle. The quality is better than most and I have to say that I was not, and am not, disappointed with any aspect of this deck. I recommend it to anyone who loves and invites a new stimulation to their readings and find it a nice departure from the flat and plain Rider-Waite deck without sacrificing the original symbolism of the more traditional themes.

What can I say except you had better order yours soon before she gives up the service of printing and shipping this awesome deck! At first I thought that making this deck available through a big printing house might be the way to go after she stops hand producing them, but after seeing and experiencing this deck first hand, I have to say that the way Gloria Jean is doing it is the right way; any other way would just not be the same. This is a precious deck that everyone should have in their collection. And, believe me...out of all the decks that I have in my collection, this one is in the top 10 of my all time favourites. I am confident that you will love it too.

* I Gatti *

by Osvaldo Menegazzi

Italian ~ 1990 ~ Limited Edition

This is a cute little deck of cream coloured cards on textured card stock, and consisting of only 22 cards, it is smaller than an average deck. There were two editions: both limited, numbered editions of 2000 that came out during 1990. The kittens on depicted in the drawings are so cute, and altogether sophisticated and regal all at the same time. The box is quite unique as well, as it comes with ribbons and is quite sturdy. This is a quaint little deck that is sure to satisfy the collector and the avid user alike.

Personally, I am not a big fan of "small" cards. I like a larger card that has some meat to it and with the larger format, the details seem to come out a little more than with the smaller decks. But I am not complaining. What these cards lack in size, they more than make up for is beauty.

The artist, Osvaldo Menegazzi, has his own web page *here* and is still creating beautiful decks and works of art today. He is a wonderful artist and his imagination and great talent and skill enrich the tarot community more than anyone can express. This deck is still available though and US Games Systems a thing I am very grateful for.

So, if you are a cat lover like myself, or just have to have the most unique deck around, then get your hands on this really awesome deck! You will be so glad you did!

* India Tapo 2003 *

by Unknown Author

Rumored Russian Origins

I am always intrigued and somewhat obsessed with hard-to-find and even harder to identify decks. They manage to come at me from out of obscurity and slap me right in the face!

Such is the way with the India Tapo 2003 tarot deck.

Rumored to be of Russian origin, this deck is anything but Russian flavoured! It has a very heavy Hindu vibe and very Eastern Indian in theme, from the deities depicted and right on down to the colour scheme. Everything about this deck screams India. So why the supposed Russian origins? Why the obviously Russian card titles in an even more obvious Hindu Indian artistic style? Beats the heck out of me!

My experience in matters of very rare and obscure and strange decks tells me that this may have been for some sort of promotion. I have also heard rumor that this deck was featured in the Orphalese Tarot program, but not being familiar with that particular program, I cannot validate that with any sort of certainty. This could even be a very limited self-published deck as in copy, paste and print it at home sort of thing, but again, I have no clue. This one has me totally and utterly and completely stumped...

One thing I can say for sure is that absolutely no one that I have inquired to has ever heard of this deck, and even fewer know what to make of it when I show them the images that I have managed to find via the internet. No one has ever seen or heard of this deck before. what?

If you, dear reader, have any clues for me, I would be so gratefully appreciative! This mystery is driving me crazy! ( a good way!) Please feel free to contact me at so that I can find a way to get my mitts on this beautiful deck!

In the meantime, enjoy the show...

* Stella's Tarot *

By Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei

78 Cards ~ Published by AGMuller ~ September 2008

This is one of my very favourite decks of all time! It is so sweet and quaint and speaks to me at every level! I first saw it as it was represented as the "AnAn Tarot", a sample gift deck of 22 cards offered through the Japanese fashion magazine of the same name. Impossible to find. But, as luck would have it, I managed to stumble upon it entirely by accident while searching for the AnAn in its original incarnation as "Stella's Tarot"! I still thank the powers that be for steering me in all the right directions!

I have written the complete story at Sleeping Gypsy's Blog. Make sure to go check it out to get the whole scoop


* Etruscan Tarot *

By Silvana Alasia

78 Cards ~ Published by Lo Scarabeo ~ September 2002

Imprint by Llewellyn Worldwide

From Llewellyn Worldwide:   "The valleys between Tuscany and Lazio were home to the Etruscan's, a society that rivaled that of ancient Greece and significantly influenced the mighty Roman civilization. In dry, lifeless tombs, remnants of a 3,000-year-old civilization remained untouched and still. As the first archaeologists unsealed the tombs, colors faded, bodies shriveled, and we are left only with clues and traces of the magnificence of what once was. Artist Silvana Alasia incorporates colors and motifs found in an Etruscan necropolis near modern Tuscany. Her incredible art, coupled with Minetti's extensive knowledge of the Etruscan culture, create a Tarot for exploring and illuminating the sealed parts of your heart."

I love the colours and the archaeology behind this deck! Being a seeker of all things *Tarot* beyond the usual 13-14th century time frame, this collection of ancient Etruscan images, taken from the tombs of that culture itself, helps to bring the timelessness of what tarot is straight home and right to the heart. The images are endearing (I especially love the Strength card!) and kindle the imagination! Talk about connecting the archetypes of tarot to the ancients! Whoever says that tarot started way later than this time has not done their homework!

I highly recommend this deck to anyone on a tarot journey that is reaching back into time. I can promise you that you will make a connection with timeless and ancient images!

* The Golden Tarot of Klimt *

By A. Atanassov ~ Based on the artwork of Gustav Klimt

78 Cards ~ Published by Lo Scarabeo 2005

From The Tarot Chest:   "In this stunning deck, the art of Gustav Klimt has been adapted to the symbolism of the cards to dramatic effect as pale figures stare out from a tapestry of abstract patterns stamped in gold foil. The thought that has gone into choosing the images is obvious; instead of the disjointed collection of pieces which some art decks amount to, this is actually something quite rare - a deck that is at once visually breathtaking and symbolically meaningful, making every reading a joy."

I came across this deck in a graphic collection that I have on my computer. The moment I saw the images of this deck I knew I just had to own it. So, thanks to the magic of I became the proud owner of this beautiful deck.

I love gilded decks - the more gold the better! This one has been done so artistically and with such detail, it is breathtaking! The deck also has a rich feel in the hand, plus there is nothing like the smell of a brand new deck! The images are compelling and stay so true to the symbols of my beloved Waite-Smith Tarot. The art deco style sparks the imagination and takes one back to the beginning of another century in the Austro-Hungarian Age of the Vienna Secession! Klimt dared to defy the norm of the day and I think by using this deck may help to assist one in breaking free from the traditional without losing the symbolism of the traditional Waite-Smith theme, which I find invaluable in making accurate readings.

A must-have!

* The Aquatic Tarot *

Watercolors by Andreas Schröter 1995-2004

78 Cards ~ Unpublished

Aquatic Tarot

Having started out with the Waite-Smith original deck, I am naturally drawn to like decks. When I stumbled across this deck online, I probably felt like a lot of other Waite-Smith fans: I gotta have this deck! my dismay I discover that it is not in print. This deck should be printed. I have sent an email to the artist expressing that and i encourage anyone who wants to see this deck published to do so.

* *

The thing I like about this deck are the colours used, the medium, and the way the artist has rendered the concept of the original deck. This deck has so much personality! The cards seem to speak like an original deck would, but echoes the true Waite-Smith tradition down to the most minute detail.

All I can say is...simply amazing!


* The Egyptian Tarot *

Illustrated by Silvana Alasia

Published by Lo Scarabeo

March 31, 2006

The Egyptian Tarot is a beautiful deck. It caught my eye and it has been one of my favourites since I first laid eyes on it shortly after it became available. There have been many Egyptian themed decks put out over the years, but this one stands out as one of the best.

I have always been drawn to all things Egyptian, which I feel many of us are perhaps because of remembered past lives. The medium, colours, textures and subject matter of the ancient Egyptian culture (and even peoples from farther back, especially those of the ancient Mesopotamian areas) stirs me deeply and I feel this deck is one of among a few that adequately brings those past times to life in the here and now for tarot.

I like the way it stays true to the Waite-Smith style, as I feel this is important, especially when working within the archetypal symbolism that is important to me when reading cards. The colours are soothing, the attention to detail is stunning and the overall look of each card is very well put together. I am not always a huge fan of Lo Scarabeo cards in general, but these are an acception.

This deck seems to be hard to find. One can possibly locate a deck on eBay or Amazon, so keep an eye out for it. It is definitely one to have in your collection!

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